What is TopCashback?

TopCashback is one of the most known UK Cashback websites which rewards your for shopping with their partners when clicking through their cashback links on their website.

What is The Xmas Treats 2021 Cashback Giveaway?

The Xmas Treats giveaway is a annual Christmas event which TopCashback launch in order to give a little more back to their users. TopCashback members get to hunt the little hummingbirds which pop up at one of their partners everyday and you then can win many different Christmas themed objects which in turn will get you some extra cash in your balance!


As well as the daily guaranteed answer to catch a hummingbird you can also catch other bonus hummingbirds throughout the day by clicking through random Topcashback partners.


(TIP: Always start with the trending partners has these tend to come up with more hummingbirds than any other)

Below is a list of the Guaranteed Daily Answers:

Day 1, 6th December - ETSY

Day 2, 7th December - Numan

Day 3, 8th December - ScottishPower Gas & Electricity

Day 4, 9th December - Kiehls

Day 5, 10th December - Waggel Pet Insurance

Day 6, 11th December - Lancome UK

Day 7, 12th December - Urban Decay

Day 8, 13th December - 20Cogs

Day 9, 14th December - Naked Wines

Day 10, 15th December - ScottishPower Boiler Care

Day 11, 16th December - Giorgio Armani Beauty

Day 12, 17th December - The Fragrance Shop

Day 13, 18th December - IT Cosmetics

Day 14, 19th December - GlossyBox 

Day 15, 20th December - The Royal Mint

Day 16, 21st December - Kate Spade

Day 17, 22nd December - Feelunique.com

Day 18, 23rd December


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