Vinted: Earn Money By Selling Your Second Hand Clothes

I recently wrote a piece on How To Earn Money Selling Second Hand Items Online and wanted to write a separate piece singling out Vinted and looking at them in more detail.

I once rarely used Vinted however, recently I have become some what addicted to selling second hand items on the Vinted platform - I believed that it would take forever for one of my items to sell as they were new and not as well known as other marketplace selling sites such as eBay and Shpock.

After using Vinted I have noticed that a lot more people are now using Vinted then ever before and second hand fashion is rapidly growing meaning my items sell a lot quicker and I get some extra cash in my pocket!

Vinted is the largest online international C2C marketplace in Europe dedicated to second-hand fashion, with a growing member base of over 45 million members spanning 15 markets: France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Luxembourg, UK as well as the USA and Canada.

On a mission to make second-hand the first choice worldwide, Vinted helps members sell and buy second-hand clothes and accessories from each other, making shopping a mobile and social experience through one-on-one member interactions in its community.

In a recent survey conducted by Vinted, it found:

• 41.3% of 18-28 year olds shop second hand to save money

• 50% of 56+ year olds shop second hand to save money

• 48% admit to feeling less guilty when buying second-hand

• £27.49 is the average amount Brits surveyed say they would consider spending on a second-hand items.

• The top three motivators people cite for buying second-hand are: 1. Saving money 2. Acting more responsibly and avoiding buying ‘new’ items 3. Finding more unique or vintage items

If you are looking to sell your second hand fashion items then I would highly recommend giving Vinted a try! It's fast, easy to use and you keep 100% of your sale meaning there is NO SELLING FEES!