TopCashback: The Best Way To Use Your Earned Cashback

TopCashback is a cashback website which allows you to earn money back on your everyday spending simply by heading to their Website or using their Mobile App, clicking the store/website you wish to purchase on and simply purchasing as normal.

TopCashback then tracks this purchase through their special magic links and all you have to then do is wait for it to go from pending to available in which you can then cash this money back out to either your bank account, PayPal or TopCashback's Reward Wallet.

The balance moving from pending to available varies between the store/website.

Once you have that money back in your Available balance, what's the best way to "Cash Out"? As above, TopCashback have 3 different Cash Out methods but what is the best one to use?

I have used all 3 of these methods in the past however, I now only use the Reward Wallet method, why? Well when you Cash Out through this method, you then have the choice to use your Reward Wallet Balance to redeem for Gift Cards at over 100's of stores, TopCashback then add a little bonus on top of your balance for you, each % of bonus depends on who you redeem your Reward Balance with.

The bonus is paid out for many different TOP companies such as; Tesco, Morrisons, Deliveroo, Uber, Just Eat, Xbox & Xbox Live, Primark, Love2Shop, Amazon & Uber EATS.

The bonus amount varies from 2% to 25%, Tesco currently have a 5% bonus meaning if you had £20 of Cashback, you'd get a £21 Gift Card where as Virgin Experience Days have a 25% bonus meaning for the same £20 worth of Cashback you would get a £25 Gift Card.

The other methods of Bank Transfer or PayPal will only pay out your TopCashback balance, with no bonuses, so it is always worth checking what bonus is being paid especially if you are going to be using these companies to spend your money at anyway.

Don't have a TopCashback account yet? Not to worry.

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