The Credit Thing: Sign Up, Get Approved, Get £10 Free To Spend Anywhere

The Credit Thing is a new and upcoming virtual Credit Card / Credit App, allowing you to make purchases for costly essential items or for an unexpected bill or emergency repair and paying it back overtime for a low interest amount.

The Credit Thing have designed an easy to use app which allows it's users to navigate and understand their credit easily and it takes just a couple of minutes to sign up and be approved!

As an introductory offer, The Credit Thing will be giving anybody who sign's up and gets approved a FREE £10 for you to spend anywhere - this is a gift from The Credit Thing and therefore does not need to be paid back and you can spend it anywhere!

The £10 will be deposited into your account as soon as you have been approved after sign up!

Take advantage of this limited time, introductory offer today and claim your free £10, once you have spent your free money, you don't even need to use the app again if you don't wish to - it's just a free £10!

Obviously, if after signing up and being approved you do go on to use the app and credit available to you, ensure you pay what you borrow back on time each month and make at least the minimum payment to make sure you don't fall into any debt.

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Sign me up, claim my FREE £10!

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