The 1P Money Saving Challenge


Saving money can be difficult, especially in these difficult times we all face and many people struggle to save money throughout the year. Saving money is essential to helping you budget your money better and making sure you always have some extra cash for any unexpected bills or expenses that may pop up.

The Money Blog UK have put together this easy to use method of saving yourself up to £667.95 per year.

How does it work?

You can start the 1P saving challenge at any point within the year, and by day 365 you would have saved £667.95 as long as you have followed the method and haven't had to use any of it or missed a day.

Start off on day 1 by saving a single penny in your saving jar then as each day progresses add another penny, for example; day 2 you would add 2p to your jar on day 3 you would add 3 pence to your jar and on day 100 you would add a whole £1 and so on.

It's an easy, simple way to save yourself a few hundred pound over the year and doesn't take much money out of your budget - if any unexpected bills do come up during the year you can use this to help you where needed.

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