Tesco Mobile: Clubcard Holders Will No Longer Be Able To Use Points To Get Double The Value

As a Tesco mobile customer, if you also hold a Tesco Clubcard then you have been able to redeem your Clubcard points for double the value into Tesco mobile credit to pay your bill for less.

For example, if you had 1000 Tesco Clubcard points, this would equate to a £10 Tesco voucher however, if you chose to transfer this into Tesco mobile credit, your £10 would double into £20 on your Tesco mobile account - saving you a lot of cash on your mobile phone bill.

Unfortunately, Tesco have now announced that this offer is to be scrapped on 15th June 2022 so customers wishing to take advantage of this offer have until 8:59am on 15th June to transfer any Clubcard points into Tesco mobile credit.

From 9am on 15th June, you will still be able to transfer your Clubcard points into Tesco mobile vouchers however, this will be at face value - so if you transfer a £5 voucher you will get £5 Tesco mobile credit rather than the original £10 you would have got.

This was a very good way for Tesco customers to save money on their mobile bills however, if you are no longer in a contract for your mobile phone / sim only then now might be a good time to look elsewhere at possible cheaper deals.

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