Students: Best Ways To Save Yourself Plenty Of Cash

The Government has announced changes to the student loan system within England that will increase the cost to students who wish to attend university. The announced changes include lowering the repayment threshold to £25,000 from £27,295 per year.

Other changes include increasing the length of time which graduates repay their loans by 10 years.

These changes mean that students will end up paying more back over a longer period of time so, we have gathered many ways on how you as a student could save yourself loads of cash whilst studying to try and help you in the long run.

1. TopCashback:

If you don't know what TopCashback is, it is a cashback site and app which allows you to earn cashback on your online purchases - you simply search the place you are wanting to order from online on the TopCashback website or app and click 'get cashback' for the specific retailer, this will then take you to the companies website and you simply shop as normal and your purchase will be tracked through magic cookies and you will be rewarded a certain percentage for your order.

I have managed to save over £380 using TopCashback in just 2 years!

Already have TopCashback? Learn how to fully maximise your earned cashback and make the most of it!

Sign up through our link and earn £10 payable cashback and you'll get a bonus £10 for signing up.

2. UniDAYS:

Whilst at university UniDAYS is your best friend! This is a website and app which once you have enrolled at university and have university email, you can sign up for UniDAYS which offers you excellent deals at hundreds of retailers, both online and offline.

UniDAYS is completely free to all enrolled students!

Sign up today.

3. Airtime Rewards:

Have a phone bill which you have to pay? Then Airtime Rewards is the perfect app for you! They specialise in reducing your monthly phone bill by rewarding you cashback for doing your usual shopping.

How does it work? You simply sign up, add your bank/credit cards (all you need is the long 16 digit card number and the cards expiry date) and once activated you simply shop as you would and if any of your purchases are also one of Airtime Rewards partners, you'll earn cashback.

Airtime Rewards has recently added a 10% cashback at Tesco and I have so far bagged myself £64.50 in cashback from Tesco alone!

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It so easy to use and once your cards are added, you can simply forget about it until you want to redeem your rewards.

Sign up today and get a £1.50 bonus.

4. Shoppix:

Shoppix is a useful app to earn little rewards by scanning your shopping receipts in to the app, you are then rewarded points for doing so - these points can then be turned into vouchers for Amazon, Love2Shop vouchers, iTunes vouchers or transferred into your PayPal account.

Scanning your receipts is simple and takes less than 15 seconds to scan each receipt, want to read more on Shoppix? Take a read of our dedicated post on Shoppix.

5. Bother:

Running low on cleaning supplies or cupboard food in your university accommodation? Bother is a new and upcoming online retailer and is price competitive compared to other major high street supermarkets.

Bother also offer some excellent discounts when you sign up through our links including £25 off your first £50 order with FREE Next Day Delivery!

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6. Too Good To Go:

Too Good To Go is a web and app based site which has 100's of companies signed up to their network to help reduce food waste - as well as giving the consumer a cheaper option to buy food products at a cheaper price than usual.

At the end of the day, many companies would usually discard any waste products into landfill which Too Good To Go wanted to put a stop to.

Each day the registered companies will update how many 'magic bags' they have to sell, these are then placed on the Too Good To Go network where you can then purchase a magic bag for between £2-£5 the bag contents will contain around £8-£15 worth of goods,

saving you money.

Take a look at Too Good To Go app and sign up to start saving at hundreds of companies across their network.

Top companies registered with Too Good To Go include; Greggs, Costa, Toby Carvery, Co-op and Morrisons.

We will continue to update this post with the latest ways to save for students, don't miss our updates and follow us on Twitter or Instagram.