SMOL: 9 Washes For Free, Just £1 P&P

SMOL, the company which will regularly deliver your washing tablets, dishwasher tablets, surface sprays as well as many other products on a subscription based plan.

It costs £5.30 per 24 washes, including FREE delivery - you tell SMOL how many washes you do per week, they will then work out how many tablets you need and make sure you always have them in and don't run out.

For the dishwasher tablets, these come in packs of 30 and cost you £5.80 including FREE delivery again, you'll input how often you turn the dishwasher on and SMOL work out how many packs and how often you will need them sending out and they make sure you don't run out.

If it gets to a point where you are using your washer or dishwasher more often, you can simply amend how often you use it and SMOL will again work this out and change your order frequency to suit your needs.

That also goes for if your not using it as much or if you plan on taking a holiday away from home and won't require your usual order, you can simply pause your plan or tell SMOL your using it less and they'll automatically adjust it.

SMOL charge you per order, per item and are also a sustainable company and all their products are animal cruelty free.

You can get a FREE trial of the washer and dishwasher tablets which includes 9 washers of each, all you need to pay is the £1 for postage (trial only, postage is FREE going forward)

SMOL also allow you to track how much you have helped the environmental impact based on what you have ordered!