Shoppix: Get Paid To Scan Your Receipts

Everyone will more than likely collect 100's of receipts per year whilst doing their shopping and will pop them straight in the bin or keep them in their purse/wallet until you come to empty it all.

What if I told you that you can turn these receipts into cash by doing something as simple as taking a photo within the Shoppix app and clicking done.

Shoppix allows you to quickly and easily snap a photo of your shopping receipt and uploading it, Shoppix then turns these receipts into points which will later add up to cash, Amazon voucher, iTunes voucher or Love2Shop voucher!

A £5 voucher will cost you 3200 points

A £10 voucher will cost you 6000 points

A £20 voucher will cost you 11500 points

Shoppix awards 30 points per uploaded receipt (if you upload it the same day of purchase) and 25 if you upload it 2-7 days after purchase. All receipts must be uploaded by end of day 7 to be eligible for your points - they award points for each separate store/company once per day.

Receipts are accepted from 100's of different brands or stores and you can even submit your online receipts from online retailers by a unique email provided to you by Shoppix.

As well as earning points through submitting your receipts, you can also earn extra bonus points by scratching your 'scratch cards' awarded to you by Shoppix for each new level you go up.

Not only that but completing quick, short surveys usually about the places you've recently shopped at / submitted receipts for is also another way of earning extra bonus points.

There are currently no referral bonus for signing up to Shoppix but it is well worth joining to earn that extra bonus cash!