Shopmium: FREE Products & Cashback App

Shopmium is a app based site which allows it's users to earn cashback on grocery items, sometimes even grabbing a few items for FREE!

It works by simply purchasing the items on offer within the app, the amount of cashback you will receive will be displayed.

For example, you can currently grab Nakd Fruit & Nut Bars 4 Pack for £1.75, usually £2.75 but the app is offering a £1 cashback bonus on this product.

You can also sometimes come across products which you will be able to pick up for free, the app will display the full cost of the item has cashback.

Shopmium have some good everyday brands on their app and it can save you a good amount of cash over time.

Once you have purchased an item that is on the app you simply take a photo of your receipt, scan the products barcode and submit it as a cashback request all within the Shopmium app.

Sign up to Shopmium today and start saving!

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