Old Tech? Sell It With musicMagpie & Get Money Sent To Your Bank Account

As money becomes tight for thousands of people across the UK due to the ongoing energy price increases as well as inflation, there's never been a better time to go through your home looking for any old tech you have sitting about collecting dust!

Thousands of people throw their old iPhone in to the back of a draw, their old laptop sit's in a cupboard collecting dust and hundreds of CD's/DVD's are forgotten about - simply go around your home and anything you no longer want or need place into a pile.

Once you have collected all the items, simply download the musicMagpie app or visit their website and lookup the tech or scan in your old CD's, DVD's, Books or Games and see the price musicMagpie will offer you - it's often a fair price as musicMagpie will then resell these on but it takes the hassle off of you to list them, sell them, pack them and anything else you would need to deal with if you listed them privately yourself.

After you have scanned all your media or tech you can complete your basket and choose your shipping method (FREE) musicMagpie will then send you a FREEPOST label to attach to your box and simply send it up to them.

Your items are usually delivered to musicMagpie within 48 hours and they aim to send the money to your bank account or PayPal the same day.

We have teamed up with musicMagpie to give you an extra £5 on your first trade in order, simply sign up and complete an order for your bonus money!

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