McDonalds: 30 Days 30 Plays, Win A Prize Or Discount Everyday In April

McDonald's have announced their latest promotional offer, '30 Days 30 Plays' and you can take part by downloading the My McDonald's App and signing up or signing in, on the home page of the app you'll see a 'Tap to play' which will then allow you to claim your first offer.

Save money on cheaper meals, 99p Big Mac's, 99p Quarter Pounders and even the chance to win a discount off your entire order.

The 30 Days 30 Plays is an ongoing promotional offer until the 30th April 2022, sign in to the My McDonald's App daily to claim your new offer!

If you haven't yet signed up to the My McDonald's App you can also claim an extra 20% off your first order.

Download the My McDonald's App.

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