JamDougnut: The New & Latest Instant Cashback App + £5 Sign Up Bonus

Jam Doughnut is one of the latest cashback apps to offer good cashback rates at 100's of retailers, both online and on the high street.

How is Jam Doughnut different to others?

Unlike TopCashback & Quidco, Jam Doughnut gives you cashback on prepay codes which you purchase within the Jam Doughnut app.

Once you have purchased your prepay code, Jam Doughnut will reward you with instant cashback in your JamJar.

For every £1 you spend, you get points in your JamJar, once you get 1000 points, you can convert this into £10 and withdraw back to your bank account!

The amount of points per transaction depends on the % of cashback for that retailer for example, Curry's is 8% cashback on their app this means that if you spent £50 at Curry's you would get 400 points which convert into £4 of INSTANT cashback withdrawable to your bank account once you reach £10!


The prepay codes you purchase are stored and saved within the Jam Doughnut app so you'll never lose them or have to spend most of your time looking through your emails to find that lost online gift card or voucher you purchased.

I have started to use it and have already purchased 2 x £5 Asda prepay codes to test it, these were instantly available within my account was was easy to use, simply scan the barcode at the till and the amount is taken off.

Since purchasing the test prepay codes, I went on to use it on a day to day basis, and in the first 24 hours of using the app for purchases I was already going to make I got £22.49 in instant cashback withdrawn to my bank account - these were on the following prepay codes:

1 x £5 Asda voucher.

1 x £177 Wayfair voucher.

1 x £90 John Lewis voucher.

I spent a total of £282 on purchases I was making anyway and got £22.49 back in cashback, the same day! That's an average saving of 6.2%.

I also used my TopCashback account on the Wayfair purchase, increasing my savings further.

Sign up to Jam Doughnut today and claim your first £5 free on us!

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