How To Report Spam/Fraud Bank Accounts

Social media is a thriving place for scammers claiming to be someone who is a bitcoin trader or that they can help you get X amount of money deposited into your bank account.

These scams are becoming more and more frequent on sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

There are several people who track down and hunt online scammers just like these, Dan Gleeballs Scambaiter being one of many, Dan catches scammers and video's exactly what he does, what the scammer does and how Dan goes about getting these scammers blocked from using their scamming accounts - Dan then uploads these video's onto his YouTube channel in order to show and teach others on what to be aware of.

Messages could appear to be something like these:

"Hey, if you receive a blessing of £500 from my company now what will you use it for"


"If you are interested, I'm willing to teach you how to invest and earn amazing profits"

amongst many other possible messages, all of which are not true and are only out to take and scam you from your hard earned money!

Here's what to do if you get one of these scam messages!

  1. Go along with it, make out you're interested in finding out more information so that they send you their bank account details in which they want you to transfer cash to.

  2. Once you have their bank account details, take a screenshot of this along with other chat.

  3. Explain to the scammer that you have tried to transfer the amount of cash they asked for but it is saying it was unable to process to their bank account (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEND ANY CASH)

  4. This may prompt the scammer to provide you with secondary accounts which can also be reported.

  5. Find out which bank the account belongs too by searching the sort code.

  6. Email the banks dedicated scam/fraud team the account details along with any screenshot evidence.

Alternatively, send the bank account details and any supporting evidence such as screenshots to our dedicated email address and we will do the rest on your behalf.