How To Earn Money Selling Second Hand Items Online

If you are thinking of having a clear out and getting rid of all your old unused items which you no longer need, that doesn't fit or you've just had enough of it sat around doing nothing then don't do what a lot of people do and just bin it.

The items which you are getting rid of could be worth some nice cash! There are plenty of places you can list your items online to turn them into cash and that's what I plan on going over today to show you where the best places are to list your old items.

1. eBay

Now, this one I'm sure nearly everyone would have heard about - many people have mixed views on eBay majority good, but some bad.

eBay is a free to list site in which you simply list your item, fill in all the required details for your item and click list, the best thing about eBay is that as I've said above nearly everyone knows about it so when you list your item you're essentially opening your listing up to the world.

eBay does charge you a fee when you sell your items these fees vary but are usually around the 10% mark for actually selling the item and then a fee on top of this for eBay processing your payment with the new eBay Managed Payments system.

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2. Vinted

Vinted is an upcoming app which used to be primarily for clothing however as recently branched out and remodelled themselves so users can now list more items in regards to home decor as well as clothing.

Vinted is fairly new to market and therefore doesn't have the same reach as eBay and doesn't necessarily bag you the same amount of cash as a lot of items listed on Vinted is low priced items.

The best thing about Vinted is that it is totally fee free to list and sell meaning whatever your item sells for - you keep 100%. The only chargeable fee from Vinted is their 'boost' options in which you get to 'bump' your listings which allows more of their users to see your active listings and potentially increase your sales!

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3. Shpock

Like eBay & Vinted, Shpock is free to list and just like Vinted, there is no fees to pay if your item sells however there is fees if you would like to promote you item or listings within the Shpock app. There is also a fee to pay if you're a buyer! Shpock charge buyers a 'Buyer Protection' fee if the buyer chooses to have their item delivered.

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4. Facebook Marketplace

Now a fairly new but very popular place to list items for free with no fees what so ever is Facebook Marketplace and it's becoming a very tough competitor to the likes of eBay and other online marketplaces alike.

Facebook is very widely known worldwide and obviously they wanted a piece of the selling marketplace sector and it began to become very popular, very quickly!

It is completley free to list and sell on the Facebook Marketplace and not only that but 9/10 (for me) when selling on Facebook, people collect meaning you don't even have to pack and post your items!

If you have a Facebook account - you can list and sell on the Marketplace.

There is plenty more places to list and sell your items however, these are my favourite places to list and sell my items.

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