Honey: Get Automatic Discount Codes & Deals At Checkout For Free

Have you shopped online before and when you finally get to the checkout stage you have then had to look around for them cheeky discount codes that could save you a couple of quid?

Well Honey solves all your problems, they actively search for all the active discount codes associated with the site that you are shopping on and when it comes to the checkout stage will automatically add these into the promo code section and apply any discounts that are available to you for your purchase.

Not only do they actively find these discount codes for you but, you can earn 'Honey Gold' which is their reward points system for your purchases. It's a little like TopCashback giving you cashback but Honey gives you rewards points which you can then transfer into £10 gift cards - as well as saving you plenty of money by searching for all your discount codes!

Another great feature Honey offers is the 'Drop List' feature. This feature is designed so that if you come across an item you like but it's a little too expensive or you can't afford it just yet, you can add the item to your drop list and Honey will actively track the price of the item and will instantly notify you if the product is reduced.

Not signed up to Honey just yet? Then what are you waiting for, you could be saving £100's per year by letting Honey do the work for you!

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