Could You Be Overpaying On Your Car Insurance

When was the last time you checked your car insurance policy? You could be missing out on £100's in savings.


I have recently moved home and went on to my insurance account to change the details of my policy to find that just by changing the address to my new address I'd be refunded just under £250 (across 2 policies).

Of course you won't be able to change your address on your policy unless you was or have moved and haven't yet changed it however tweaking other details on your policy and making sure they are up-to date could also save you some extra cash or mean you're entitled to a refund on your policy.

If you think you'll be driving less miles in your vehicle, change this to your new estimated mileage which could save you some money on your policy as well as if you change where you park your car during the day & night, make sure this is up-to date also as this could also save you some extra cash.*

*Never lie on your insurance policy as in the instance you need to claim, your policy company may void your insurance policy meaning your claim would also be null and void.

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