Beelivery: Sign Up & Enjoy £5 Off Your First Order

Have you ever been in a position where you have needed something from your local shop but couldn't get there or it was too late to head out? That's where you can turn to Beelivery.

Beelivery is an on-demand ordering service in which you can place an order for groceries that you are in need of - you simply head to their app or website, select what items you want to purchase and pay for your order.


This order is then sent out to local on-demand self employed couriers and is usually snapped up quickly, the courier then heads to a local convenient store or a supermarket such as Asda, Tesco etc and will go around buying the products you have ordered.

Once they have purchased all the products they will then alert you through the app that they are on the way to you - you will have received a 4 digit pin when you completed your order and this is what the courier driver will ask you for when they knock on the door, so have this handy with you.

If the courier can't get the exact items you have ordered, they may call you to ask which suitable substitution you would like and will then go ahead and purchase this in place of the original item.

Beelivery offers 2 kinds of delivery service:

15-60 minute ASAP delivery (their most used service)


1 hour selected time slot delivery

Beelivery operates 24/7, 365 days per year and covers 90% of UK postcodes.

Why not give Beelivery a try?

Sign up today for £5 OFF your first order!

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