Beelivery: Earn Some Extra Cash By Delivering Locally In Your Own Time

Do you often have some spare time on your hands? Sitting at home watching time pass by well, why not sign up to Beelivery?

Beelivery is a self-employed delivery app which notifies you when someone local to you has placed an order, you then have the opportunity to either accept or decline this order.

Once you have accepted the order, you then head to your local shop or supermarket such as Co-op, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons amongst others and locate the items the customer has ordered.

Once you have found all the items you then head to the checkout and purchase these on your own personal bank card or with cash - you MUST get a receipt and keep hold of this! Head back to your car and the app will then ask you to enter the prices for each of the items, you will then be required to take a photo of the receipt, if you cannot locate some of the items the customer has ordered, you have the opportunity to select either a substitution or out of stock.

You will then head to the customers address and deliver the items, you will need to ask the customer for their 4 digit pin in which Beelivery provided them with at checkout to complete delivery.

Once you have delivered the items you can head back home or on to your next delivery (if you managed to snap 2 at the same time) Beelivery then pays you the money back for all the items that you paid for plus your delivery fee for the completed order as well as any bonus or tips that were displayed before you accepted the delivery.

Beelivery also offer a bonus on each delivery if delivered within an hour of the order being placed.

TOP TIP! - If you want to earn even more cash when completing your deliveries why not sign up to Airtime Rewards or Daali which reward you when you shop with your bank card with cashback!

Want to give Beelivery a go and earn some extra cash? Apply to become a driver today!

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