Airtime Rewards: Get Rewarded For Your Usual Shopping

Have you heard of the app, Airtime Rewards? It is a mobile app available on the Google Play Store & Apple App Store which rewards you for shopping at their partnered brands.

Airtime rewards has multiple partners such as Asda, Argos, Boots, Currys, Wilko & many, many more. Each partner offers you different rates of cashback and rewards you when you pay for your shopping on your bank card.

How it works?

Airtime rewards works by linking your bank and credit cards within the app, you do this by typing in your long card number and expiry date - meaning you don't have to sign in with any online banking details, making it secure!

Once your bank and credit cards are linked, you simply shop as normal with your cards and Airtime rewards will simply track your purchase and reward you for your shop.


Airtime rewards allows you to redeem a minimum of £10 worth of rewards and you can use this towards your pay monthly phone bill or towards your pay as you go voucher.

Some Airtime rewards users have mentioned that they can also withdraw a minimum of £20 directly back into their bank accounts however, not all users seem to be able to redeem rewards this way.

How reliable is Airtime rewards?

Airtime rewards has tracked majority of my transactions accurately and on time the only retailer I have had continuous problems with is Asda where I have had to report over 75% of Asda transactions has missing transactions as well as 1 Greggs transaction.

Can I get a bonus for joining Airtime rewards?

Sure, if you use my code, YJQ7PKAU or Click Here, you'll earn £1 for signing up.

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